Sunday School

Sunday School Director: Martha Fowler

Sunday School


Secretary: Melissa Moroney


Adult Department:

The Willing Servants: Bryant Hatcher Assistant: Don Durbala

The Serenity Class: Gene Radney Assistant: Betty Wilkerson

The Sonshine Class: Terry Bell Assistant: Henry Chambless

The Redeemed: Heather Hatchett Assistant: Mary Smith


Youth Department:

7th – 12th Grades: Brian Hatchett Assistant: Martha Fowler


Children Department:

Birth to 3-Year-Old: __________ Rotating Assistants: Diana Desjardins

Melissa Moroney

Megan Hunt

Tammy Eidson

4-Year-old -Kindergarten: Tammy Hornsby Assistant: Lib Radney

1st -3rd Grades: Joan Enders Assistant: Sherri Chambless

4th- 6th Grades: Evelyn Reaves Assistant: Evelyn Toliver


  September 2021  
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